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Moderators: BillParker, Sky9pilot. Pages: 1. Guillows P laser Cut Read times. I can hear that R roaring as she climbs like home sick angel.

Back to top. IP Logged. Austin, Texas. Scigs, nice job now for those inflight photos. WoW Weee she's beautiful! Nice job scigs! If God is your Co-pilot Your attitude will determine your altitude! Jn Central Pennsylvania. San diego. I was able to finish my P today and she is ready for rubber flight. I made a small modification to the nose to allow for a removable nose block, nothing fancy just keep it simple.

I glued the cowl to the balsa blocks so if she does not fly with rubber I can rip off the cowl and add electrictonics. All the landing gear parts are removable for flight but could be left in.

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The prop is too small so I will be adding another.All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Page 1 of 2. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page. I'm only on my 1st kit, which is a SIG. I was just browsing the internet and came across Guillows kits. Are these nice quality kits? Do they make a RC kit? Opinions on these kits please. They have been around for over 50 years. I built many as a kid in the early 60s. Wood sucked, die cutting sucked and they taught me alot about building and designing.

My daughter when 16 built a J-3 and did a good job with little help. Now, her two sons 13, 11yo admired it from afar as I have it safely put on a shelf. I've never seen one fly but have been toldif kept extra light, will function to a point. Ray W. I built many Guillows and Comet kits as a kid. As stated they are rough but will teach you alot about building. The high wing kits made decent flyers as long as they were built light.

I like the way their fuselages are "stick built". That's the only thing I dislike about the SIG. The long panels of balsa that make up the fuse. It just looks like more fun to build the other way. When built well, Guillows kits are spectacular, especially when left uncovered. They are meant mostly as display models, though I've seen a couple converted to electric RC. Building one that looks good takes a lot of skill.

I built the larger ones as control line airplanes as a kid. The Zero was my 'fave'! I like the larger sized airplane micro etc seems in vogue so have enlarged their plans and built a few as RC. Again, the Zero was my fave. One fellow on wattflyer is building them as RC electrics. The man like a good challenge.

They were great learning tools as a kid. Guillows also built a few control line kits such as the Galaxy in the 60s.Skip to main content Guillow's Model Airplane Kits. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. The parts all seem to be there and the directions are extensive, if not always clear to an old guy who hasn't built a stick plane in 30 or 40 years.

Having a great time! Add to cart. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. I am a very old amateur balsa wood airplane builder, however the plane I selected was so complete it showes even minor detail.

I have had a lot of fun with building it. It arrived early, securely packaged, and was complete in contents. Couldn't have been happier. I ordered the kit late night on December 20 with standard shipping. It arrived on December 24 in a shipping box with the kit well-protected by those little air bags.

It was unopened and in pristine condition in the original factory packaging. I was extremely pleased and very impressed. The Guillows SE 5A is a terrific kit which speaks for itself. There are several excellent videos on YouTube which show rubber, electric, and static versions of the completed model. If you are a beginner to balsa models, do not get this!

With all the gun turrets, you cant just put streamers anywhere and it is just harder alltogether, but it does pay off and then some, the wing span is about my height.

And at the end, little mistakes are hard to see. The instructions only tell you how to make "U-Control" and the display model, no RC or rubber powered. Its very rewarding at the end, but frustrating while building.

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I would not recommend this to beginners but highly recommend this to an advanced balsa builder. Currently unavailable. I'm 57 and havn't built a balsa plane since I was a kid. What a great alternative to TV! Great plane, great fun, What more can you ask for! See All Buying Options. Boyer USA. Typical Guillow's model construction. I really like their kits! Looking forward to putting this together. These kits are great and challenging. I made this same model with my dad 30 years ago and decided to make one with my son.

Good gosh, the instructions are the same. The big improvement is the laser cutting of the parts - huge improvement over the stamping process they used back in the day!

Thanks Guillow!! In stock. As a seasoned modelmaker, I was delighted with the quality of this kitModerator: C. Back to top. IP Logged. Your construction looks good.

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Lots of strength in the skinned ailerons. The spar in front of the ailerons looks pretty beefy! Is it a solid spar or built up? Keep us informed. If God is your Co-pilot Your attitude will determine your altitude! Jn Looking great, both inside and out! Love the fall colors this time of year!

The bones are looking real good. Any decision yet on the ailerons setup?

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Looking good so far. Will the wings have a spar s continuing through the fuselage? Keep us informed as you progress. Just depends on the wing arrangement.

I shall wait to see your decision. Wood fill on fuselage looks good so far. I ordered a micro linkage setup from dubro, and some 1"wheels to replace the wooden ones in the kit.

I have bent my own linkage before when i converted a series Guillow ,because it was hard to find hardware for that small a gage wire. It was tedious. I agree Dave, The strip ailerons will probably be the best. I see you're putting the servo in the wings. I assume those are the micro servos for the ailerons. Keep us informed of your progress. Also share any details of your electrical power setup. I don't have any indepth experience with these setups.

I look forward to learning from your process of selection and combination of motor, ESC, batteries etc. This is a great project and your making good progress!

Dave, Here's a down and dirty quick CAD drawing of aileron options. Top wing has built up ailerons using ribs with leading edge and trailing edges. They are activated by torq rods from music wire that have 90 degree bends at each end. Aileron end is parallel to the aileron and mounted securely to the internal end of the aileron through it's leading edge and secured to the end rib.

The opposite end is what will attach to the servo so it is bent up 90 degrees from bottom of wing. There are several ways to mount the connections to these torq rods with various hardware your local hobby shop can sell you. Check out which ones will work best for you.

The second wing show a strip aileron that runs the length of the trailing edge of the wing with shorter torq rods bent the same way.Guillow Company, examining what they have done as part of the history of American aeromodelling and what they have to offer you today if you are interested in building model airplanes using balsa and various other materials that work well with it.

I suspect that last month I left you with more questions than answers while talking about the two Kit No. Most of the rest show a traditional rubber power prop setup on the plan and with the proper application of model building skill and patience they can be made to fly that way. Others, like the Series which includes this Hellcat are larger and more complex and already include provision for working controls, which makes practical RC conversion easier.

In addition we are going to explore using several interesting alternative building techniques to improve the exterior surfaces in terms of both appearance and durability. The Hellcat is not one of these…it depends on the time-honored and less than perfect process of die cutting. We have already talked a lot about this.

How much of this you may need to do will vary from one kit to the next.

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This is the result. The surface of the balsa is really smooth, and most important, the shallow die cuts have been corrected so the various parts are nearly ready to fall out on their own. Die-cut balsa parts, unlike their laser-cut cousins, are by definition going to be less consistently accurate. This is one of the horizontal tail outline parts as it came out of the sheet … can you see the rough edge? That roughness equates to extra weight, poor parts fit and degraded glue joint strength as a result of the loose joint caused by that roughness.

The grit sanding block is the fix for all of that. See the nice smooth, crisp edge that results from a minute or so of extra care?

Removing weight from the tail of any model is a good idea if you can do it without compromising structural integrity. We are looking at the upper surface of the right horizontal tail tip. See how it goes together? These are also standard die cut kit parts.

More of the same. Can you see how this method may very well be the only one you can use to sand a double taper into that trailing edge without destroying it? Back to working with those die cut parts.Although memberships are encouraged, guests are always welcome! Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. Log in automatically. SuperDave on Sat Mar 24, pm. Cribbs74 on Sat Mar 24, pm. Sponsored content. Cox Engines Forum. Log in. Latest topics. Cox Engine of The Month.

CEF Traveling Engine. Win This Engine! I am thinking to convert this free flight model to rc, can you guys help me with this conversion.

Also has anyone else done this conversion with a peewee, and how did it fly. Mitch: Suggest you just try building and completing a Guillow's kit before converting one to RC. They are not as simple as you might like think.

A Series "Super Cub" has 24" wingspan and will require micro radio gear to keep the flight weight down to an acceptable level.

Guillow's Model Airplane Kits

I've used Futaba S's with good success 7. Sheet balsa works better for elevators and horizontal stabilers than the traditiona ones used on Guillow's kit. They are more subject to stress than on a free-flight.

IIRC we discussed the same plane several months ago. Suggest you find an experienced builder in your area to help you. A forum just won't provide the kind of help you need. If you were learning to play golf actual lessons are more help than an I'net forum. I have some spectrum ds servos, will those work?All rights reserved.

Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Page 1 of 2. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page. Hey all A quick intro, im Ash and im from Australia - Hi!

Its all going well so far, the fuse is basically complete, I want to scallop the bulkheads and tidy up a bit though. The stabiliser and rudder are basically done, just need a final sand and shape. It all came together well but the wood and die-cutting is pretty average in typical Guillows style - much better than most though!

Im starting on the wing next, ill post pics when done. I plan to convert it to electric power with RC.

Guillow's Messerschmitt BF-109 Kit 505

I would love some opinions on power plants. Im also keen to see any other mods people have done with this model. Very clean looking work Ash. If you've not been there before you may want to check out www. Good luck with your Hellcat. Chad Veich. Its good to see someone building one of these BOSS kits from guillows, I actually have a corsair in that line that I picked up damaged, haven't started it as of yet Thanks everyone, ive been having fun with it so far.

The fit is pretty good once you get the parts how they should be though. I have posted over at RCgroups but havent had much response unfortunately. Ill post up wing progress tomorrow I reckon, hey ive got all night to get it done If you like building that style for rc, check out this I took a guillows 18 inch me plan and blew it up to 80 inchs, built it basically the same way, then beefed it up for wing mounting, tail strength, motor,etc.

Has a 25 cc weedeater engine, fabric covered. Ashhhhh - First off, nice horiz. Either way, I'm stoked because I just completed all the frame work and am now installing the electric s including retractable landing gear on mine. I decided to do the project because it was a challenge to build something so small but, radio controlled. Also, once the prelim flight test is done come spring I plan on going into very scale detail on the surface - including rivets and pannel lines.

Keep up the post I'm interested in seeing how urs comes out! Nice Foodstick, very nice! Id love to do something that big, maybe next time ; apwachholz; Thanks for the compliment.

Id be very keen to see how yours is going, it sounds good! Is your one of the series too? Id be very interested to see what electrics you use, I dont have much experience with that side of things.

Ill be doing the scale detail too hopefully, ill see how I go anyway :D Sooo the wing is coming along now, im almost ready to set the dihedral - I was hoping for some advice regarding that though. Also, retracts. Thanks Ash. Ashhhh, On the dihedral. If you want it to look scale, you need to research what the real plane had.