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GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. The page loads but the place where the unit portrait is just says "loading" but it never loads and therefore also makes the controls unusable. Several months ago the unit builder was working for me, but it has been this way for the past month or two on iOS.

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Already have an account? Sign in to comment. Linked pull requests. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.The extra damage will benefit her no matter what and is the ideal choice for a Close Counter Blade tome build.

Combined with her personal weapon and Swift Sparrow 3, Summer Laegjarn with a Speed Asset will reach 50 Speed without any other support, allowing her to perform follow-up attacks against all but the fastest of units, assuming her follow-up is not blocked by other means.

Ideally, Summer Laegjarn wants an Asset in either of her offensive stats with a Flaw in any of her defensive stats. If both Attack and Speed are available as an Asset, which one to use will be a matter of personal preference as both are strong choices.

This is a strong personal weapon for offensive use. This tome adds the total value of all of her buffs to her Attack, allowing for massive damage. Moonbow and Glimmer are both strong Special options thanks to their low cooldown, allowing for consistent activation. Both can work well for both weapons regardless. This skill grants a large boost of six Attack and seven Speed when initiating combat.

With a Desperation effect already in her personal weapon, choosing a B slot can be tricky. A Chill skill such as Chill Res can be a good choice in order to aid Summer Laegjarn against any affected foe. When alongside other fliers, Summer Laegjarn can make great use of her default C slot skill Hone Fliers. Spur, Drive, and Tactic skills all make the general safe choices.

So long as Summer Laegjarn has more Attack than her foe, she will gain two points of Special charge per attack. This allows her to make consistent use of Moonbow or Glimmer.

Darting Blow is a strong alternative option regardless of what weapon Summer Laegjarn is using, granting her a strong boost to Speed whenever initiation combat. A flaw in any defensive stat will work fine. Even a Speed Flaw would work, but this is the Flaw she wants the least besides Attack. When fully buffed, Summer Laegjarn will be capable of a massive amount of damage in a single attack. Glimmer is the ideal Special for this build. Moonbow is also a good option thanks to having the same cooldown as Glimmer, but is otherwise inferior for the purpose of this set.

Summer Lilina

Without Close Counter, this set loses a lot of its appeal and is not recommended without it. This is imperative to this set as the intent is for Summer Laegjarn to defeat all of the necessary opponents in a single attack before they even get a chance to fight back.

Vantage is important to ensure that Summer Laegjarn is not defeated before she has a chance to attack. Res Smoke is a great C slot choice. As it debuffs the Resistance of all foes around anyone that Summer Laegjarn fights, this helps her to deal more damage. Savage Blow is a decent budget option which makes Summer Laegjarn deal a small amount of AoE damage after any combat she initiates. The Brazen skills work perfectly as a Sacred Seal choice for this set.BUT, i do love the changes to staff wielders that makes them a bit more viable in the way things are right now.

I'm super excited on the free 5 star fjorn. She looks super good. The weapon refinery without a doubt. Probably not. Weapon Refinery! Some Heroes with Legendary weapons with mediocre effect can be usable again.

I'm glad i have Michalis since I can upgrade Hauteclere. Weapon refinery hands down the most hype moment in the livestream. Also can't wait for Joshua, Lute, and Dorcas. Maybe because he is 5Star only seems some legendary Weapons get upgrade not everyone if i have seen it right.

Belive was TakumiEldiganEphraim, the other did i forgot belive was 3 more. Still one thing what i think is good that example Navarre can example evolve his Killing Edge into a Slaying Weapon.

That doesn't make sense though. Eliwood, Michalis, Merric, and Seliph can be obtained at 4 star rarity, and yet they get upgrades. No they can change what i have said. Example Eliwood can get now change into B Roy Weapon. His Durandal get not a upgrade still you can say it is a upgrade ofc but not a change. I am most glad to see that everyone will have to change the current meta!

Maybe the Reinhardt horse problem will decrease now Bringing back the best units! New CYL stuff! Joshua and Lute! Weapon upgrades! Viable healers! This is insanity!

feh stuff

Weapon upgrades looks amazing! Tho I'm nervous it'll have the same problem as Sacred Seals long droughts of being unable to do anything with it. Hopefully they give us a nice sum of that currency to start out with, since we didn't have time to grind it our beforehand like with sacred coins.

Like, for extra cost you can turn your inherited vanilla Bladetome into a fully upgraded one. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost! Read more. Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register. Asked by fullrain 2 years 4 months ago. Report Sign in to Answer or Ask a Question!

feh stuff

However, i think i heard it was only initial summon. The weapon upgrade system seems awesome, but I have one teensy, tiny complaint. I had to let that out.Skip to content.

Branch: master. Create new file Find file History. Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Alfonse Hares at the Fair. Azura Adrift. Azura Happy New Year! Azura Legendary Heroes. Azura Performing Arts. Black Knight. Caeda Bridal Blessings. Camilla A Sketchy Summer. Camilla Adrift. Camilla Happy New Year! Camilla Hostile Springs. Camilla Spring Festival. Catria Hares at the Fair.This also works particularly well with her base weapon for a one-shot build.

Note that Summer Lilina will perform significantly better with a different B skill, so having team support available for this would be ideal. However, Close Counter is likely a vital A skill to ensure that Summer Lilina can take on melee threats. This allows her to easily fuel the damage for Broadleaf Fan, allowing her to wipe out entire teams with Vantage. If debuff support is readily available from her team, Summer Lilina can opt into any other C skill such as Hone Cavalry or her base Atk Opening.

Brazen skills synergize particularly well with Vantage, but if Summer Lilina is not utilizing Vantage then Fierce Stance or Heavy Blade are also great options. Otherwise, the main difference between the two is the resulting choice of Special and Sacred Seal. Barb Shuriken with Moonbow works well since Summer Lilina can activate it every combat if she doubles her opponent while in Desperation range, but she can also opt for Draconic Aura if utilizing the Heavy Blade Seal or if not utilizing Desperation.

Just some feh stuff.

For any offensive setup that relies on doubling, Desperation is a clear choice to allow Summer Lilina to engage in multiple combats without needing to be healed in-between. However, if this is not a concern, then her base Sabotage Def will work just fine to help her individual matchups.

As this build is not heavily reliant on mass applying debuffs, Summer Lilina can opt to utilize pretty much anything in her C skill. Summer Lilina has a statline that is very typical for her, featuring high Attack and Resistance, below average Speed, and poor HP and Defense. This statline makes her a fantastic candidate for a one-shot build, and her base kit is very well suited for this - particularly her base weapon, Broadleaf Fan.

Overall Summer Lilina is not a particularly versatile unit, but she does have a niche that she excels at. This also synergizes particularly well with her base kit mainly her weapon, Broadleaf Fan. As a cavalry unit, Summer Lilina has access to superior cavalry mobility as well as access to unique cavalry buffs like Hone Cavalry.

Though being a cavalry unit comes with the perks of strong mobility and access to unique buffs, it does come with heavy limitations including a weakness to anti-cavalry weapons, limited movement on certain maps due to forests and trenches, and poor skill availability. As a seasonal unit, Summer Lilina is more difficult to obtain multiple copies of for merges and to obtain optimal IVs.

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feh stuff

Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register. Summer Lilina Submit Feedback or Error. Default Attack Special Injured. Red Dagger. Analysis by Adonyx. Obtainable as a 5 only. Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl HP ATK SPD DEF RES This sustain greatly increases her survivability.

FEH updates

Being able to counter ranged threats is vitally important in Aether Raids, where the majority of huge threats are ranged. Both Null C-Disrupt and Null Follow-Up are incredibly powerful skills that allow infantry units to completely shut down otherwise dangerous threats. The choice between the two is entirely up to player preference and availability.

Pulse Smoke is an incredibly powerful skill as it can single-handedly shut down Infantry Pulse-based defense teams in Aether Raids. Echidna is primarily geared toward offense, so maximizing her Attack or Speed is ideal for her offensive potential. Firesweep Axe is a strong option for Echidna as negating enemy counterattacks makes it very safe for her to attack most opponents.

A Slaying Axe is a good alternative option as it enables alternative build paths such as maximizing damage output with repeated Special activations or utilizing Galeforce. Moonbow is a strong option for both a Firesweep Axe and Slaying Axe set, mostly due to its low cooldown and fairly consistent damage.

Utilizing either the Flashing Blade or Heavy Blade Seals can allow Echidna to charge it immediately, while Quickened Pulse with a Slaying Axe can allow her to easily activate twice in one combat.

Pretty much any offensive stat boosting skill will work here. Swift Sparrow and Fury are both excellent choices and relatively budget-friendly, aside from their SP forms. Null Follow-Up is also a strong option as it prevents Echidna from getting her damage output shut down by skill that negate doubles, such as Wary Fighter or Axebreaker. As far as axe infantry go, Echidna has a fair amount of competition from units like Raven, Gerik and Ross. Echidna has decent stats across the board and no clear weaknesses; this allows her to fulfill pretty much any role though she excels at focusing at one or the other.

Overall, her strong statline makes her a decent option for multiple roles, even if she is overshadowed in some cases. Thanks to her fantastic BST, Echidna has no clear weaknesses in her statline and can fulfill a wide variety of roles.

As an infantry unit, Echidna can supplement her strong stats with powerful infantry-exclusive skills like Null Follow-Up or Null C-Disrupt. She still procs galeforce against armors and tougher opponents though. A budget melee duelist build turns this common unit into a physical wall capable of taking beatings from massively inflated Attack scores in PvE. Boon: Def is the best boon for physical tanking, but Res is also acceptable to improve dragon matchups.

Bane: Spd is the safest bane for this build since Quick Riposte guarantees followups already. Plenty of bulk on a 14 Mt weapon? Nothing to sneeze at here. Special: Sol Sol comes with Echidna and there is no need to replace it. It grants valuable sustain at the end of every combat. Passive A: Fury 3 Fury chip damage is too little to affect QR, and the spectrum boost it grants is great. Plenty of other A skills will do the job better, but this is a budget build.

It also makes Aether more manageable when using that for scoring. For scoring, the best option is Aether.Even with Darrelle Revis in the mix, this is NOT a good pass defense right now, bad news against Derek Carr and company.

And even without Amari Cooper, the Raiders offense will get a boost with the return of Michael Crabtree from his one game suspension. He brings an energy and brings a personality that kind of gets guys going a little bit and makes it fun to be out there. It's certainly awesome to have his talent back. Both teams rank in the bottom quartile of the NFL in sack percentage, which means that both Derek Carr and Alex Smith should have some clean pockets to throw from.

On a beautiful sunny December afternoon at Arrowhead, we should expect a Shootout. Edges - Browns: 10-2 ATS home versus non-conference foes in the first of consecutive home games Packers: 2-9 ATS versus sub. Thank you and good luck as always. FREE KEY SYSTEM: Teams are 55-38-1 ATS since 2002 after a game where the longest rush allowed in the previous game was 72 yards or more. The Titans are dead-locked with the Jaguars for the AFC South lead and face a tough two game road trip in the Pacific Northwest, facing the Cardinals this week and then at San Francisco.

Note though that the Titans have excelled in this spot for bettors, going 6-3 ATS in their last nine non-conference games and and 2-1 ATS in their last three as a road favorite of three points or less.

Conversely, this is a spot in which Arizona has struggled, going just 4-9 ATS in its last 13 as an underdog and only 4-14 ATS in its last 18 against teams with winning records. Consider laying the points on the red hot Titans. McAdoo and Reece are gone and Eli is back but that doesn't affect the product the Giants put on the field which at this point is pretty poor. At 6-6, the Cowboys are on a respirator for the playoffs and have the toughest schedule down the stretch of any of the peripheral teams.

Sean Lee is back to anchor the defense and a win here and at Oakland next week would put Dallas as 8-6 with a home game vs. Seattle and at Philly to finish the season. Zeke is reliable in the Christmas EVE game against Seattle. Regardless, the Cowboys need help and lot of it. Pokes here have had extra time and face Giant offense that turns the ball over regardless of who is quarterbacking and is just 10-41 on third down the last three games.

Big Blue defense is worn down and tired and has just been on the field too long. Giants won in Week One 19-3 but that was with just 16 points in four visits to the red zone.

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Summer Laegjarn

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Summer Laegjarn

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