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Csusb computer systems

Program Learning Outcomes. Computer Technology forms the technological infrastructure of modern commerce. It's the driving force of every industry and permeates everyday life.

The ability to combine the power of computing with the management of multimedia information is arguable the key to obtaining ascendancy in any field. Computer Technology is an ever-evolving, expanding field.

The proposed Computer Technology Program will provide students with the background, knowledge and skills they'll need to adapt to the dynamic nature of the marketplace. Program faculty will consist of traditional academics as well as industry professionals in order to provide curricular content that is on the cutting edge of industry trends.

csusb computer systems

The BACT degree provides a high quality degree program in computer technology that will prepare students for lifelong learning as they pursue professional careers in computer technology and leadership roles in the society in which they serve. It provides our students with a strong foundational base, state-of-the art techniques, methodologies, and tools to specify, design and develop technology-based solutions to complex system problems. This program prepares our students to communicate well, both orally and in wiring, on moral and ethical development, in knowledge of the liberal arts, and on commitment to services to others.

CT provides opportunities for students to contribute to the body of knowledge that serves the profession, by engaging in activities which support their interests and are in agreement with the goals and objectives of the College, and the university. The University's location in the South Bay area of greater Los Angeles provides direct access to many major government contractors, manufacturers, and international centers of commerce and finance. This provides excellent opportunities for work-study and early job placement.

Good teaching and easy on-campus access to professional quality computing systems enhances a degree program that provides both a solid core curriculum and a broad range of electives. All courses are offered alternatively day and evening so that students may complete their programs by enrolling at either time exclusively.

An undergraduate student may be a candidate for graduation with Honors in Computer Technology provided he or she meets the following criteria:. Students who achieve Honors in Computer Technology will have the information recorded on their transcripts and diplomas. Faculty guidance in the development of career goals and program planning to achieve those goals is available to all majors. Students entering the computer technology program should have completed high school mathematics through trigonometry.

Remediation is available but will delay the student's progress towards a Computer Technology Degree. Bachelor of Arts in Computer Technology is a comprehensive program that will consist of the following tracks: General Track, Homeland Security and Professional. Feedback from members of our Industry Advisory Board indicate the need for professionals with the balance of practical and theoretical knowledge that extends beyond conventional information technology curricula.

See the "Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree" in the University Catalog for complete details on general degree requirements.Introduction to computational thinking and computer programming with the easy-to-learn Python programming language. Development of critical thinking and logical reasoning through problem solving with computer programming.

An introductory programming course suitable for liberal arts and sciences students. Two hours lecture and two hours activity laboratory.

Materials fee required. Satisfies GE Category A3. Introductory laboratory course to data analysis using spreadsheet software. Data Analysis is a fundamental methodology for studying physical and life sciences. Spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel are widely used for data analysis in living and non-living systems. This course help students understand the core concepts of data analysis, learn to apply data analysis techniques, and become proficient in data analysis in the software environment.

Suitable for anyone who seeks a working knowledge of data analysis, and for learners who want to consolidate their skills in spreadsheets.

Satisfies GE Category B3. Introductory course using computer simulation to enhance learning and understanding of real-world process operations, scientific principles, and theories.

Learning of basic concepts, methods, and procedures of computer simulation to imitate, explore, and understand theories and processes in the physical and life sciences. Programming techniques in an event-driven and object-oriented environment. Graphical user interfaces, controls, properties, procedures, and functions.

Multiple forms, menus, file access, and applications. Three hours lecture and two hours activity laboratory. Formerly CSE Reflection on the role of computer technology, digital devices, and smart electronics for living and learning in the information age.

Examination of impact of technology on quality of life, appreciation of technological progress, understanding of responsibilities and awareness of drawbacks and dangers to interpersonal relationships.

Topics include distance vs. Satisfies GE Category E. Introduction to data acquisition, data manipulation, data modeling, data mining, data analysis, data visualization, and data processing.

Sampling and applications of basic techniques of data science. Satisfies GE Category B4. Targeted activities and exercises to enhance understanding of concepts from the companion class. Topics include: understanding data as means to describe phenomena, learning about different types of data, data collection through processes of data discovery and data mining, computer-aided exploration of data and data visualization, drawing conclusions from data to make diagnoses and predictions.

Placement determined by campus placement standards and consultation with an adviser. Topics will include analysis of problems and the formulation, documentation and implementation of their solutions; an introduction to data structures with abstract data types; software engineering principles for both individual and group projects.Labs : All labs must be turned in on or before the last day of the term. If you want to turn in an improved version of something already turned in, add "revised lab number " in the subject line.

George M. Georgiou

Send all labs in with screenshot showing the program working. You will need to figure out where and how to input the above commands. Dont panic! The functions want angles in radians, the inverse functions asin,acos,atan return radians. Convert to and from degrees as needed. You will need include in your program to use the functions. The following are my notes on the class: they are generally an annotated outline of material covered relating to each chapter in Horstmann.

Once you are there, type "ssh machine-name ", where machine-name is one of the computers in the lab. Cygwin is a free Linux environment that runs under Windows. It includes the standard GNU tools and compilers. See you Wednesday The midterm will be Wednesday Feb 7, in class. It will cover Chapters You are allowed 1 page of notes both sides.

Computer Technology

There will be one final and one midterm, midterm will be in the 5th week of the term, date TBA. The final is comprehensive, taking material from Ch.

See notes for final, below for my outline of material. You are allowed 2 pages of notes. Extra credit problems, may be turned in by the end of the term: P4. Watch this space for reading assignment. There will be lab on Tuesday, Nov No new lab assignment, use this time to finish old stuff. All work should be turned in on or before Monday Dec 7, the end of the term.

Comprehensive, Chaptersyou can bring 2 pages of notes Outline - notes for final For Chapter 3, try review exercises 3. Remote access: work from home Some basic debugging hints Printing and saving graphics output.The Bachelor of Arts BA in Computer Systems program emphasizes the application of principles to practical problem solving in a domain of interest. Students complete a core set of foundation courses and courses in one of the following concentrations: system administration, game development, and general interdisciplinary.

Requirements units Total units required for graduation: Requirements for the B. Electives 12 Twelve units chosen from CSE courses numbered and above. Subject to approval by the School of Computer Science and Engineering. Print Options. Send Page to Printer. Download PDF of this page. Twelve units chosen from CSE courses numbered and above. Students must satisfy the requirements of one of the concentrations listed below:. Three units chosen from CSE courses numbered and above.

Fifteen units of coursework in another discipline such as a minor or other cohesive program of study; subject to approval by the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

csusb computer systems

Six units of supporting coursework such as 3D modeling, animation, level design, image editing, and other coursework related to game development.Julie says: Handy information on how to setup your own webshop, thanks.

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csusb computer systems

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csusb computer systems

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